Stretch Bible StudiesThese talks are taken from a series of Bible classes called 'STRETCH', taken by our Pastors at Elim Pentecostal Church, Huddersfield.

You can click on the play icon of the media player to hear the talk. To download it, either click the 'download' link under the player or right-click and select "save link as" or "save target as". 

Notes for some of the sessions can be found lower down the page after the talks.

Download Name Play
download Jonah:1
Michael Reid
Tuesday 27th February 2018
download 1 Peter 2 4-10
Andy Pearsons
Tuesday 28th November 2017
download 1 Peter 2
Andy Pearsons
Tuesday 21st November 2017
download 1 Peter pt 2
Andy Pearsons
Tuesday 14th November 2017
download Exodus 2
Michael Reid
Tuesday 10th October 2017
download Exodus
Michael Reid
Tuesday 3rd October 2017
download Ruth
Mark Stone
Sunday 9th July 2017
download Acts 26
Mark Stone
Tuesday 23rd May 2017
download Acts 21-22
Mark Stone
Tuesday 2nd May 2017
download Acts 20
Mark Stone
Tuesday 21st March 2017
download Acts 19
Mark Stone
Tuesday 14th March 2017
download Acts 18
Mark Stone
Tuesday 7th March 2017
download Acts 17
Mark Stone
Tuesday 28th February 2017
download Acts 16
Mark Stone
Tuesday 14th February 2017
download Acts 15
Mark Stone
Tuesday 7th February 2017
download Acts 14
Mark Stone
Tuesday 24th January 2017
download Acts 13 - 14
Mark Stone
Tuesday 22nd November 2016
download Acts 11:19 - 13:3 (The Church That Changed The World)
Mark Stone
Tuesday 15th November 2016
download Acts 8 - 9
Mark Stone
Tuesday 1st November 2016
download Acts 6 - 7
Mark Stone
Tuesday 18th October 2016



Notes from Acts Session 1(PDF)

Notes from Acts Session 2(PDF)

Notes from Acts Session 3(PDF)

Notes from Acts Session 4(PDF)

Notes from Acts Session 5(PDF)

Notes from Acts Session 6(PDF)

Notes from Acts Session 7(PDF)

Notes from Acts Session 8(PDF)


Notes from Ephesians Session 1(PDF)

Notes from Ephesians Session 2(PDF)

Notes from Ephesians Session 3(PDF)

Notes from Ephesians Session 4(PDF)

Notes from Ephesians Session 5(PDF)

Notes from Ephesians Session 6(PDF)

Notes from Ephesians Session 7(PDF)

Notes from Ephesians Session 8(PDF)

Notes from Ephesians Session 9(PDF)

Notes from Ephesians Session 10(PDF)


Notes from Genesis Session 1(PDF)

Notes from Genesis Session 2(PDF)

Notes from Genesis Session 3(PDF)

Notes from Genesis Session 4(PDF)

Notes from Genesis Session 5(PDF)

Notes from Genesis Session 6(PDF)

Notes from Genesis Session 7(PDF)

Habakkuk - Wrestling with God


James 1 - Building Christian Maturity

James 1 - Building Christian Maturity(PDF)

Knowing God

Notes from Knowing God Session 1(PDF)

Notes from Knowing God Session 2(PDF)

Notes from Knowing God Session 3(PDF)

Notes from Knowing God Session 4(PDF)

Tough Questions

Notes from Tough Questions 1(PDF)

Notes from Tough Questions 2(PDF)

Bible Overview

Notes from Bible Overview Session 1(PDF)

Notes from Bible Overview Session 2(PDF)

Notes from Bible Overview Session 3(PDF)

Notes from Bible Overview Session 4(PDF)

Notes from Bible Overview Session 5(PDF)

Notes from Bible Overview Session 6(PDF)

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