AAAZCourageousWe are starting a new sermon series we are calling “Courageous” from the first six chapters of Joshua through Spring and Summer 2015 to discover how God spoke and worked in the Israelites at the crucial moments before and during the initial entering of the Promised Land.

You are invited to: take time over the coming months to take stock of what has been in the past, the promises of God in Christ from Romans 8 (from our Convinced? sermon series); focus on what God wants to do next in your life and the life of the church, the outworking of these promises; but also, and crucially, to compose yourselves before setting off. Let's listen to God’s call to be strong and courageous so we can move forward together in faith into His promises.

Download Name Play
download Courageous Commitment
Michael Reid
Sunday 23rd August 2015
Joshua 6:20-21
download Courageous Discipline
Tim Cobham
Sunday 16th August 2015
Joshua 6:1-20
download Courageous Surrender
Michael Reid
Sunday 2nd August 2015
Joshua 5:10-15
download Courageous Witnesses
Tim Cobham
Sunday 26th July 2015
Joshua 4:1-24
download Courageous Expectations
Andy Pearsons
Sunday 12th July 2015
Joshua 3:6-17
download Courageous Influence: People
Tim Cobham
Sunday 21st June 2015
Joshua 2:12-24
download Courageous Influence: Places
Michael Reid
Sunday 7th June 2015
Joshua 2:1-11
download Courageous Loyalty
Mark Stone
Sunday 10th May 2015
Joshua 1:10-16
download Courageous Obedience
Tim Cobham
Sunday 3rd May 2015
Joshua 1:5-9
download Courageous
Michael Reid
Sunday 19th April 2015
Joshua 1:1-2

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