PassionWhat are you passionate about? Desire is placed within us all and can only be truly satisfied when we find a passion for God, for in Him we find the highest of beings, purposes and plans. As we look at the topic of passion over the next few weeks let's pray we all might find new passions arising, passions to see peace where there's strife, light where there's darkness, with the greatest of all passions being kindled and growing: a passion for Jesus.

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Download Name Play
download Passion For Life
Mark Stone
Sunday 3rd September 2017
download Passion For The Lost
Michael Reid
Sunday 20th August 2017
download Passion For Justice
Tim Cobham
Sunday 13th August 2017
Isaiah 42:1-4
download Passion For Serving
Mark Stone
Sunday 23rd July 2017
1 Peter 4:10-11 Colossians 3:22-24
download Passion For Generosity
Andy Pearsons
Sunday 18th June 2017
download Passion For Eternity
Tim Cobham
Sunday 11th June 2017
download Passion For The Holy Spirit
Michael Reid
Sunday 4th June 2017
download Passion In Our Thanksgiving
Tim Cobham
Sunday 21st May 2017
Psalm 100
download Passion For Christ
Mark Stone
Sunday 14th May 2017
Revelation 2 1-5
download Passion For People
Daniel Habtey
Sunday 7th May 2017
John 17:21
download Passion For Prayer
Michael Reid
Sunday 30th April 2017
download Passion
Michael Reid
Sunday 23rd April 2017
Psalm 69:9

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