Stand firm in God's grace

Written by Pastor Tim Cobham on .

Standing firm is not passive, but a positive action. When things happen around you or to you, the biblical call to ‘Stand Firm’ is given regardless; more than that – in spite of how we feel. We are instructed to hold our ground, persevere, persist in the authority Christ has given to every believer.

If grace is defined as “getting what we don’t deserve” then our ability to ‘Stand Firm in God’s Grace’ is truly a gift Christians should be operating in positive action.

In our autumn sermon series, 'Frontlines', we explored the places that God has placed every Christian, where we spend our time and meet people who don’t yet know about Jesus. In our Life Groups we delved further into all Jesus is saying to us as a community and individuals.

We imagined the impact we could make in our streets, housing estates, workplaces, schools etc. if we could help each other make a difference for Christ.

Into 2020, we are going to be delving into 1 Peter in our series titled, “Stand! Firm in God’s Grace”.

In many ways, it is a continuation of the same dialogue. We will be examining topics like our worship, our witness, suffering and faithfulness. Our conviction is that God wants to speak to us as a church and as individuals as we consider our mission to Huddersfield and beyond.

Perhaps as we enter a new year, with all manner of resolutions, you could consider taking a few minutes each day to read through 1 Peter (or listen to it on one of the many free phone apps available – try or For most people, each chapter will take less than 4 minutes to read – the whole book in less than 18 minutes! Think of it as a spiritual exercise that will stretch and expand you as we commence this next walk together. A positive action, and who doesn’t need one of those to hold onto in this coming year?

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