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Courageous faith: help out & step out

Written by Pastor Mark Stone on .

Joshua was on the brink of the promised land. It was risky, dangerous and difficult. He needed a courageous faith. But his willingness to step out in faith didn’t just spring up overnight. Here are some thoughts about how we can journey together in developing a courageous Faith like Joshua’s:

1. Help out
Joshua 1:1: “Moses, the servant of the Lord, died. After that, the Lord spoke to Joshua, the son of Nun. Joshua was Moses’ helper”
Joshua was Moses’ helper. He was with him on the mountain when God gave the 10 commandments, he was sent on an errand to spy out the Promised Land and he stuck with Moses in the wilderness when things were really tough. He had many years being a helper, before he became a hero.
If you are a young Christian, find an older wiser Christian and help them. Make yourself useful and learn what you can. There is always someone to learn from. Ask God to show you who. If you are mature in your faith and experienced in an area of ministry, look for someone you can encourage and let them help. Pass on what you have learned. There is no success without a successor.

2. Step out
Joshua 1:2-3: “My servant Moses is dead. Now then, I want you and all these people to get ready to go across the Jordan River. I want all of you to go into the land I am about to give to the Israelites. I will give all of you every place you walk on, just as I promised Moses”
While Joshua had a long preparation for this task, there was a time when he had to step out. God had given them the land, but the soles of their feet still had to touch it for that to be realised. There comes a point when we have to take a risk and do something that requires faith – that is, act in a way that expects God to keep His promises:

  • Trying something that will only work if God helps!
  • Saying yes to an opportunity that scares you but trusting God will help you.
  • Choosing to speak up rather than stay silent, trusting God will give you the words.
  • Choosing to be inconvenienced, trusting God will give you time and resources to do what you need to do.

God invites us to step out, into something He has promised. We only discover that by putting one foot in front of the other. What is the next step for your journey towards courageous faith? ‘Help out’ and ‘step out’ and you’ll discover that one step leads to another…

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