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re-pottingIn the last few weeks plant pots have appeared on the window sills of our house. In each one a seed was planted, and now infant plants have pushed up through the compost. The beginnings of tomatoes, cucumbers and leeks, amongst others. I look forward to eating the fruit of my gardening-wife’s labours later in the year.

What starts out as seed in a large propagating tray goes through many carefully co-ordinated changes before they are harvested. Individual plants are separated and re-potted as they grow too big for their plant pots. Eventually they will be placed outside in open ground to soak up sun and rain and grow to their full potential in the garden. If plants could speak I wonder what they would say about the dramatic changes from seed to potting to harvest.

We are going through a time of change for growth. Going to two morning services is like re-potting a plant. Our morning services that felt familiar yet at times cramped, will have a greater space to grow. The change may feel initially unfamiliar if not uncomfortable. However, like a plant that isn’t re-potted, if we remain where we are growth will be stunted.

Jesus talked about seed that needs to go through the dramatic change of being planted to bear much fruit. He said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit” John 12:24. He was talking about His journey through death on a cross to bring the resurrected life for us all.

In a sense this change will cost every one of us something; an earlier start on a Sunday, a few hours of extra ministry each month, not seeing someone as often etc. However, change will bring much fruit, as we make room for more people to find Christ and be part of His family.

I encourage you to place yourself and your Sundays in the hands of God the gardener who wants to see much fruit in each one of us. As in any time of change, let’s have a confidence that He is taking us through this to increase the harvest for His kingdom and to help us to trust Him more.




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