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A Missional Community

Written by Claire Jones on .

When Huddersfield University's Christian Union moved from having a “mission” week to having an “events” week it was a game-changer. In that moment everyone got it. Mission is more than meetings. Mission is not something you roll out for a week and then pack up again.

Mission is not just about events (though events are important). It’s not just about invites (though invites are necessary). It’s not just about evangelistic meetings (though people need to hear the gospel). Our mission is bigger than meetings. It is to help bring people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ and every part of our lives can be used by God for that great goal.

Many years ago at a Christian training conference I was given a domino that is still on my shelf above my desk. Written on it are the words “life on life”. Imagine a row of dominoes lined up for a domino rally. Each domino stands upright ready for the start.

The first domino falls and starts a chain reaction that continues as each domino touches the domino in front – and so every domino falls. We rub shoulders with people every day. Our lives touch theirs. We impact one another. Our mission is “life on life“. Mission is not primarily events or invites. It’s about a life that has been moved by Jesus, moving others to Jesus.

As a church our mission is our purpose. It’s why we are here. We want to help bring people into a living relationship with Jesus, growing to “love God, His people and His world”. Everything must serve this purpose. Being “missional” is organising our resources, budgets, lifestyles, time, talents, structures, programmes, presentations, careers, clubs, hobbies, marriages, families and friendships (and anything else I’ve missed!) around that mission!

Church is (among other things) a people who are on this mission together. Life on life, together. Leading people to Jesus, together. It’s why we are here.

Join us this month as we explore what means for us as a Church to be a “missional community”.

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