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A Righteous Community

Written by Pastor Mark Stone on .

When someone becomes a Christian – putting their faith and trust in Jesus – the Bible says they are considered 'righteous' (Philippians 3:9; Romans 4:22; Romans 8:3-4; 2 Corinthians 5:21). What that means is that when God looks at us He doesn’t treat us with the judgement our sins deserves, but with the blessings that Christ deserves. Not only does Jesus take away our 'wrongness' but we get his 'rightness'. To say it’s a generous exchange is a huge understatement! It changes everything.

As God treats us like Jesus, we are also encouraged to live like Jesus. To do what Jesus would do as we trust in what Jesus did. Everything must change.

So far in Romans we’ve seen that in response to God’s son on the altar, we are to put our lives on the altar too, putting others first, even those who oppose us. Now in Romans 13 Paul turns his attention to wider issues. In a society that would seek to privatise faith, our faith is to have a public impact. Over the next month we will be exploring what Romans 13 has to say about what it means to do right by society in general (Chapters 1-7), our neighbours in particular (Chapters 8-10), and doing what’s right given the particular pressures of our time (Chapters 11-14).

Given the challenges of our day, it would be easier to choose to either withdraw or to compromise. But there is a third way – to meet our world with love for God and love for people.

Join us this month as we explore what it means to become a Righteous Community.


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